Re: Namespace suggestion

I too dabbled with Modula-2.

There's little to stop you (if you really want to) from defining module
variables as members of an overall structure. EG.


module mmm
real(8) :: aa
real(8) :: bb
integer :: ii
end module mm


module mmm_mod
type mmm_type
real(8) :: aa
real(8) :: bb
integer :: ii
end type mmm_type
type(mmm_type) mmm
end module mmm_mod

This would require use of mmm%aa instead of just aa.

....not sure how far one can go with this. just an idle idea...


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<robert.corbett@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Had I designed Fortran's module facility, this would have
> been the primary way to access symbols from modules.
> An equivalent of the WITH statement would have been
> provided to supply aliases.. Of course, I liked Modula-2.
> Bob Corbett