Re: Parallelization of AERMOD (US EPA atmospheric model) ?


if you have access to Intel Fortran for Linux (V9)
you might try: ifort -parallel
option which parallelizes (via OpenMP) all parallizable
loops (including matrix statements).

Another brute force strategy is to take each subprogram that
appeared in the compiler output from -parallel and put
an OpenMP parallel begin and parallel end at the beginning and
end of those subprobrams.

As you might guess, my view on parallelization, especially
of large codes, is thta it should be (but presently not always is)
a job for compilers/preprocessors. This includes OpenMP or MPI.
We're not completely there (yet), but parallelization is often too
teduous a job for humans:-)


On 2 Dec 2005 13:15:51 -0800, "gjn" <gjn@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

-|I was wondering if anyone has done on work on parallelizing AERMOD (a
-|US EPA atmosphereic model) using ethernet or Myrinet?
-|I would be interested to hear if anyone has tried to do this before.
-|gjn [at]