Re: high-precision type

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Charles Russell <SPAMworFREEwor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> glen herrmannsfeldt wrote:
>> Herman D. Knoble wrote:
>>> The problem is that most compilers do not support QP.
>> Well, the problem is that most hardware does not support it,
>> and compiler writers use what the hardware supplies.
> Any prospect of this feature appearing in cheap PC hardware in the near
> future? Or of software emulation in gfortran or g95?

gfortran has real(kind=4,8,10,16), which are single, double,
entended, quad precision. But, there must be native hardware
support for the various kinds. On my amd64 FreeBSD system,
I get kind=4, 8, and 10. On an HPUX system, I've seen reports
that all 4 kinds are available.

I doubt that gfortran will have software implementations anytime
soon. Although it's possible to use GMP/MPFR, it would be extremely

If you need quad precision, check out Alan Miller's big pond.