Re: getting env. variables in gfortran...

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Ron Shepard also implemented some of the pxf functions. I've used his
library wqith g77 on OS/2, Win16, and NeXtStep, assorted unixes, and
linux. Now I'm using it with g95 on linux.

Without knocking Ron, have you checked the safety of his source code.
Where can one find his code?

I have not worked on this in several years, but I think the answer
to the question isn't so much about the implementation but rather
the API. The posix API is very well designed (within f77) to handle
all possible errors, whereas the f2c style getenv() interface
wasn't. If the API is limited and inflexible, then the code can't
be "fixed" even if you have the source.

$.02 -Ron Shepard