Re: Free LAPACK for Intel Fortran 8 on Windows?

Tim Prince wrote:
Brooks Moses wrote:
Thus: question: Is there an easier way to obtain a compiled LAPACK library that is compatible with Intel Fortran, which does not involve lots of work translating makefiles, and which also does not involve buying Intel's Math Kernel Library? If so, what is it?

How much translation of makefiles would you need? Either adding a few rules to rename .obj to .o, or changing .o rules to .obj? Yes, 64 bit Windows is a bit more difficult to deal with, if you choose to use 32-bit cygwin as a development environment, but you didn't choose to give that much detail.

Rather more translation than that; I was envisioning a scenario in which I was compiling it via the Visual Studio integration, which doesn't use makefiles at all, but instead uses .vfproj (and Visual Studio .sln) files.

The suggestion of using Cygwin (and make through that) and the command-line version of the compiler may work; I'm not sure how much effort it will take me to get all that working....

- Brooks

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