Re: Apology to comp.lang.fortran

Richard Maine wrote:

Gib Bogle <bogle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jim Klein wrote:

I still feel kind of dumb in retrospect.

Join the club.

Whatever I might have felt about the initial outburst, recognizing and
apologizing for one's transgressions goes a *LONG* way towards
atonement. There being none of us without error, etc.

How true. However, there is a rule I apply to myself on ngs.
I have caught myself writing incendiary stuff (not on this ng)
in the heat of the moment, and started a rule: after writing
a text and correcting it, I read it again and if it's a bit
personal, I ask myself, do I really want other people to
read this? If not, I wipe it and forget about it. This has
saved me from some embarrassment.

Just to supply a bit of balance, by the way: I use Intel
Fortran 90/95 under Linux, and am 100% happy with it. Never
a problem yet, over several years of use; and I program
almost daily. I am grateful to Intel for this service.
Dieter Britz, Kemisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet