Re: Gfortran 2006 Year End Status Report

Steven G. Kargl wrote:
Gfortran has achieved many milestones this year and hopefully the
contributors can continue to move forward with bug fixes, conformance
to Fortran 95 standard, and the implementation of Fortran 2003 features.

I'd like to congratulate the gfortran developers on a major effort. For the
first time gfortran was able to compile the CASTEP ab-initio materials modelling
code in 2006. It even seems to run fairly zippily and stands up well in comparison
with other (free and commercial) compilers.

I looked on the Wiki for a statement of the degree of conformance to F95, but couldn't
find one. Can you post a summary of what is still missing or not working in

Thanks for all your efforts.

Keith Refson

Dr Keith Refson,
Building R3
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Didcot kr AT
Oxfordshire OX11 0QX isise D@T rl D.T ac D?T uk

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