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He is, but then, so do the source-form options in GFortran. "-x f77"
means fixed form, "-x f95" means free form. This could definitely be
improved, but I don't know of a good short way to say "fixed-form
fortran" to fit in the option to replace it with. Much less "fixed-form
fortran with cpp". Suggestions?

How about -x fixed and -x free? Slightly longer, but more obvious.

This is a generic option from GCC. Your suggestions would need to
be something like -x fortran-fixed-form and -x fortran-free-form.

Specify explicitly the LANGUAGE for the following input files
(rather than letting the compiler choose a default based on the
file name suffix). This option applies to all following input
files until the next `-x' option. Possible values for LANGUAGE
c c-header c-cpp-output
c++ c++-header c++-cpp-output
objective-c objective-c-header objective-c-cpp-output
objective-c++ objective-c++-header objective-c++-cpp-output
assembler assembler-with-cpp
f95 f95-cpp-input

An alternative is to read the gfortran documentation, and then rename
the file with a .F or .F90 suffix.