Re: What is run-time error F6501?

Tunjang wrote:
i had compile and build my program and got no error...when i try to execute
file.exe i find out that the run-time error F6501 using Window using Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4.0..then i find out that
the requirement for the program is for window NT and it error
F6501 is because the fortran did not support Window Xp?..or is that any
other reason...?...need help...tq

p/s: any idea what type of fortran version that support Window Xp?

Normally a Fortran program compiled for a Windows environment will run
in all Windows operating systems.
However the earlier Microsoft Fortran compilers don't know about XP.
The 95 and 98 operating systems are DOS-based. The first NT systems
(diskette-distributed) are different from the later MS 2000 and XP
systems on CD-Roms.

If your program is simple and does not try to control serial or
parallel ports it should STILL compile and run as a DOS program if
compiled for that mode, on any Windows system including on NT and XP
systems. You could try compiling it that way as a test and see if you
still get run-time messages.

But if you are performing a SYSTEM or SPAWN call from a DOS-mode
program you must increase the stack size of the linked program by #4000
because WIndows security updates take some of the DOS stack. This
normally gives an Stack Overflow 2000 error message.

I sitll compile Fortran programs with the Microsoft V3.31 compiler
(better than the later MS Professional), and the resulting executables
run in all DOS and Windows environments as console-executed programs
(or ou just click on the name). So I suspect your problem is external
to the program.

If I use SYSTEM or SPAWN in a console (DOS-mode) program I increase the
stack size using Exemod.exe.

Other modern Fortran compilers which I have and use for Windows mode
operations are DVF6.6 and Intel 9.0.
Then you have Lahey F95 and Gfortran available which I have not tried.