Re: Most elegant way to read to allocatable array?

Jan Vorbrüggen wrote:
As well as I know it, VAX/VMS runtime was supposed to be, as well as
possible, language independent.

Just so. My point was that there are several general libraries, with prefixes
such as MTH$ and LIB$, and language-specific RTLs, with prefixes such as COB$,
PAS$ and - surprise! - FOR$. Buth the routines GET_LUN and FREE_LUN are not in
FOR$, as one might expect, but in LIB$.

There were several OS' in which logical file/unit numbers were inherent. VOS was another one. To copy files, you could assign LFNs to them and reference the LFN in the copy command:

$RS 4=:11
%TR 11
$CO *5 *4
$RW 4
$FR 4
$FR 5

It also had physical device numbers (the :11 was the tape drive on our system assigned to LFN 4, % redirected the command to the operator console to authorize the tape assignment request by a JCL user logged onto the operator console).



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