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I would like to compile and use an old F77 programm using Visual Fortran
professional v6.6.0
This programm uses ANSI escape sequences to position and color certain
texts on the screen.
I'm running windows 2000 professional.
Is it still possible to make those escape sequences show up like in 'the
old days'.
If so what do I need to do?

I have just looked at the code of a program that I know is capable of
this - it uses system calls like SetConsoleTextAttribute(). You might
to use such functions to get this functionality nowadays.



AFAIK, on Windows systems based on NT such as NT, 2000 & XP:

1. ANSI.SYS is loaded using a line in CONFIG.NT not CONFIG.SYS.
2. Escape sequences only work for 16 bit (DOS) programs not 32 bit
3. Invoking the program from inside COMMAND.COM instead of CMD.EXE
makes no difference.

Based on work done on an old project previously described in this
newsgroup, I would bet that Gary Scott has code using Windows API
calls that set text attributes or cursor position.

I created a utility library called ezconsole that works for CVF 6 and MSFPS 4 (two sets of dlls, one for each compiler). I never got around to extending it to Lahey and Absoft after I resumed studies and had to resort to legal action on a rental property and...(excuses excuses) (also didn't finish the new GUI features for creating dialog boxes (some simple ones are there), and a nifty API error reporting scheme). But it is quite full featured relative to console applications and the API is very simple to use (it can also be intermixed with fortran writes in CVF unlike some other methods but I don't recall whether that works in MSFPS).

It does not include source code, but there is a fairly detailed pdf user manual with it. If you want source code I can email it.

-- Elliot


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