I need some guideance regarding parallel processing

Hey Folks,

I am involved in a large image processing project at work. I am using
Lahey FORTRAN v6.2 pro on linux (I have 6 machines for sure and
possibly a whole lab full of diskless clients awaiting).

I'll be looping through large arrays (~36000000 by >6), basically
comparing each element with ALL other elements in the array. Initial
runs suggest it will take about 600 days to complete (a large part of
this is due to my programming; I'm working on optimizing the code)...

Regardless of my programming skills, I need some guidance on what type
of distributed system I should implement. In a previous post on this
list, I was turned on to openMP. But I am open to learning MPI, PVM,
etc if that will facilitate getting the job done.

I guess my question to you folks working with large datasets is:
1) What standard have you implemented to network machines together?
2) What message passing standard do you use?
3) Other than 'turn back now', do you have any other guidance to how I
should set up the cluster?

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks for your time.
GIS Lab Manager
The Univ. of GA