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Can Fortran use http or tcp/ip?
I see previous discussions like this
which indicate the best way is to write it in C and wrap it up for
These discussions, though, are 4 years old. I was wondering if
anything has changed since then.

I need to communicate between Java and Fortran.
My current plan have the Java program execute the fortran program and
have the fortran write to plain text files and use a semaphore.

You can always do it through OS API calls (in any language that can
call the OS API). I believe I recall that David Frank does some FTP
and/or HTTP stuff from Fortran. Maybe he has a publically available
library (likely for CVF or IVF).

Ok, I have uploaded to my current ISP a pertinent example of what can be
done DIRECTLY using Fortran syntax.

and a exe of above....

which can read most any file out there..


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