Re: http or tcp/ip

Gary Scott wrote:
Curious, will all of the $DEC instructions go away with an F2k3 compiler (i.e. does BIND(C) + passby +... cover everything necessary?)

It seems to me that if there are system-specific things which don't, a good place for a F2k3 compiler to put them would be as extensions to the BIND() syntax -- e.g., something like BIND(C, CONVENTION="STDCALL"), or for that matter BIND(STDCALL), since the "C" of BIND(C) is effectively a name for a calling convention.

This does mean that the program is no longer standard-conforming, unlike the !DEC$ attributes which hide in comments on compilers that don't support them, but I'm not convinced that's a bad thing; in most cases the program is inherently system-specific anyway, and the directives are critical to its meaning, so it's likely better to get a clear compiler error that effectively says "this directive isn't supported".

- Brooks

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