Re: http or tcp/ip

It seems to me that if there are system-specific things which don't, a good place for a F2k3 compiler to put them would be as extensions to the BIND() syntax -- e.g., something like BIND(C, CONVENTION="STDCALL"), or for that matter BIND(STDCALL), since the "C" of BIND(C) is effectively a name for a calling convention.

My understanding of the intent of BIND(C) was that there are pairs of compilers - i.e., a Fortran and a C compiler - that implement a common, interoperable ABI, and that BIND(C) referred to this common ABI.

For the different Win32 ABIs, I could imagine that a compiler switch would tranparently and in a standard-conforming way select which of the several ABIs should be realized by a BIND(C). The comment-like directives would just allow finer control where program units with different ABI requirements were put together into one source file, but not add any new capability. This might even be possible for the DLLEXPORT and DLLIMPORT "ABIs".