Re: declaring variables in the code

With such large subroutines you need an editor that can split the sreen to
allow you to edit two portions of the same file at once. This is a basic
feature of any "programmer's" editor.

Yup, but still a pain. Variables should be declared "just in time"
to be used. You can even declare new variables inside C code
when you create a "block - { }" of code. Fortran needs this feature
in order to be viable for the long term. Of course, I must admit
that we may convert our F77 code to C++ someday for many
other reasons.

There are lots of other reasons to justify chopping up such large routines.

We've got 3500 subroutines right now. Where should I start ?
This is a working, commercially sold software program. You dont
make subroutine breakups lightly.



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