Re: Starting to doubt fortran

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Ben Hetland wrote:

And if you want to prove a point here, then show me a piece of 40 year
old legacy Fortran code that does something useful and still compiles
with a modern, strict Fortran95 compiler.

Without checking the exact dates, things like NL2SOL, MINPACK, the
Forsythe, Moler, and Moler routines, QUADPACK, FFTPACK, ODEPACK, the
PORT optimization package, Powell's PRAXIS, etc, etc, must be at least
30 years old.

If 30 years is ok, I've got some of my own codes that would fit the
bill. I don't use those codes any more, as I've done better since, but
the old codes still work. 40 years I can't do though.

Some FFT codes that I wrote in 1966 are still in use in standard
X-ray crystallography packages if I believe my chemist friends.
That makes 41 years.