Re: Why float is called as 'float', not 'real'?

On Mar 30, 8:45 am, Dan Nagle <danna...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Gary Scott wrote:


If we could just keep
the tone of the arguments civil (difficult sometimes)...


Of course, if we could learn to trim the post :-)
to which we are responding, it helps keep things in context.
That helps ensure that misunderstandings occur
with a lower frequency. Most newsreaders thread posts,
do repeating the entire discussion is pointless.


Dan Nagle
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Well, the threading is clearly messed up on this particular posting as
I specifically selected google sequence item 42 in Netscape. That is
not how it is threaded. So either an accidental misselection occurred
or some glitch happened. I'm leaning toward glitch because I was
reading that item (42 per google) and just hit the reply button.