Re: What next for Sun Fortran?

robert.corbett@xxxxxxx wrote:
On Jun 17, 6:29 pm, lind...@xxxxxxx (Greg Lindahl) wrote:

In fact Sun sells one such environment, called Java. But Bob is
probably smart enough to realize that most Fortran programmers want
only the fastest results.

I wish that were all they wanted. Users want fast compilers
that generate fast programs, that produce accurate results
(where their definition of accurate might require infinite
precision arithmetic), and, yes, they would like to take
their programs compiled for a Sun SPARC machine and run them
unchanged on a PC or a Cray.

I have thought before about the possibility of a Fortran
compiler generating JVM code. I just now realized that Sun
might be one interested in doing it. I have heard that there
is a COBOL compiler generating JVM code, but never tried it.

-- glen