Re: Fortran 2003 -- when?

The last edition (April) of Fortran Forum had an article on the f2003
status of
Cray, gfortran, g95 and nag.

The august edition has added intel and ibm.
i posted the paper copy to the acm today and the pdf version
went electronically on sunday (I think).

it is due out in august.

Ian Chivers

Fortran Forum Editor

On 26 Jun, 15:35, Michael Prager <Mike.Prager.ind...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there any indication from Fortran vendors of imminent release
of a Fortran 2003 compiler? I don't mean some features included
in an F95 compiler, but a true F2003 compiler.

If not imminent, any guesses as to when it might be? If readers
of this group can't give some educated guesses, I don't know who

Mike Prager, NOAA, Beaufort, NC
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