Re: Need Help: compiling old Fortran program

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But I can't imagine that any compiler would have compiled
it -- so what you probably have is a 1st draft
written by someone who knows less about fortran than you, and if
possible you should drop it like a hot potato - because it will
give you a very negative view of Fortran

Hello: I do not think the author of the program has no clue. The
documentation states it was written in 1975 and it is Fortran 77.
Moreover, based on that particular code a lot of papers have been
written. I got the code today after contacting the author since I have
red his name in combination with his developed method in a lot of
papers related to my topic.

I haven't shown it in the thread. There exists an extension to the
code but in this time it was written in 1984. However, still similar
problems when compiling.