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Steven G. Kargl <kargl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

PS: I believe your above statement is influenced by your friendship
with Andy through J3.

Andy was never on J3. If I recall correctly, I saw him at a J3 meeting
as a guest exactly one time. I suppose I might possibly have miscounted
by one. I have subsequently met him for lunch exactly once at an
occasion having nothing to do with J3. A plan to meet again this year
fell through. I do consider him a friend, though I can't say I know him
well enough to be a very close one.

On the other hand, one of the people heavily involved with GFortran was
a member of J3 and attended regularly for quite a few years.

Who? If it is Toon, he has directly contributed nearly nothing to gfortran.

None of the ones that I consider friends
have a tendency to badmouth their competition.

Sigh, I'm not badmouthing g95. Simply stating the facts. gfortran,
*in general*, out performs g95. I'll freely admit on platforms that
Intel and PathScale support, those compilers *in general* out perform
gfortran. Unfortunately, Intel and Intel are limted to a few OS's, and
neither is available for free or pay on the OS I use. In fact, there
is NO fortran compiler that out performs gfortran on the OS I use.


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