Re: Is this namelist code legal?

"Jerry DeLisle" <jvdelisle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

write (10, '(A)') " x%i = , ,-3, -4"

The line above is illegal. It represents an array of arrays (i and m), which
is not allowed in Fortran (see "Fortran 95/2003 Explained", Section 6.13).

write (10, '(A)') " x(2)%m(2)%ch(1)(1) ='w',"

This line contains a spurious '(1)'

write (10, '(A)') " x%m%ch(:)(2) = 'z','z','z','z','z','z','z','z',"

This is also an attempt at an array of arrays (x and m).

I would hope that *all* compilers complain about this!


Mike Metcalf