Re: F77 for Visual Studio 2005?

Terence <tbwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There'e nothing wrong or illegal about using F77 syntax with F90 or
F95 compilers.
However, there are one or two very minor things to watch for,
including the interpretation of the parameter LRECL in open statments
(usually an option switch for 1 or 4 byte units;

That isn't an f77 versus f90 issue. That's a portability problem in f77
itself. Different f77 compilers used different units of measure
(sometimes for good reasons, add as the standard allowed them to do).
Switching from one f77 compiler to another required checking into
that... just as it does when one of the "f77" compilers is also an f90
one. F90 does provide a way to handle that more portably, but that is an
f90 feature, so f77 code won't have it.

the prohibition of END= on a write statement

That's not f77 at all. That's just plain a nonstandard feature.

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