Re: Read/write binary files in Linux and Windows

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2. The language provides a portable facility to determine the needed
recl value. Use that instead of assuming any particular units of
measure. See the INQUIRE statement - in particular the form with recl=.

If this actually works, I'd be keen to know exactly how.


Ah. Sorry, I got the specifier name wrong doing it from memory. It is
IOLENGTH instead of RECL. And that's a whole different syntax in
inquire. Since there is a recl in the wrong syntax version, that
probably mislead you. For iolength,

1. You do *NOT* use it on a file. You specify the iolength specifier
instead of a unit number - not in addition to one.

2. You need an iolist. The result will be the recl value that is
appropriate for that iolist.

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