Re: rookie question

On Oct 24, 8:27 pm, ramiAIT <ramid...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi you guys

i'm very new at this fortran programming and i have this question and
i hope you guys can help me. i 'm using fortran77 on Microsoft Fortran
Powerstation 4.0 . my program is a bit complex and it involves
function like EXP and FACTORIAL and need to cmpute lot of function.
and i use the method of Simulated Annealing there for it has to run in
lot of loop. problem is it run perfectly but at some point it just
stop for no reason and said and i quote

If the function you require is rather common (e.g.,
«EXP(X**2)*ERFC(X)» or «GAMMA(A+X)/GAMMA(A)»), try to find the
appropriate source code/library to evaluate it. The Netlib is a good
place to start.