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On Windows, you probably mean. I use gfortran as a native 64 bit
compiler on GNU/Linux AMD64 now for about 2.5 years.
That makes it sound alluring and new, but not too new.

I'm reluctant to criticize a volunteer effort, but I've never,
ever had any luck with gfortran for anything other than the
simplest programs. I always encounter a show-stopping problem.
Case in point: I downloaded the latest (Dec. 27) Cygwin build
and tried to compile the Schwartztrauber FFT library
with gfortran -c. The compiler was still running after 4 hours
when I killed it.


Very strange. I grabbed the fft source (rfft-1.2-ss-90.01.tgz) from, put all of the fortran source files in
a directory and typed

gfortran -c *.f

and got all of the source files compiled in a couple of seconds. There
were 4 warning messages about array ifac having out of bound subscript
references, but that is pretty common in old fortran source. For this
test I used 4.3.0 (20070824) i386-pc-mingw32

I would suggest you try the ming32 (native) version rather than the cygwin
I suspect one of two culprits: cygwin or the cygwin-mindset of the windows
user. The former does have issues as one would only imagine. There's a
functioning german language n.g. out there for it.

I might be average in terms of how ham-handed Joe Windows-user feels trying
to get something to work on cygwin. I certainly put plenty of effort into
it, where others might have a background related to it. I don't even know
where the hole in my education is in this regard.

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