Re: gfortran -std=f95 overzealous?

On Jan 21, 2:38 pm, ka...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Steven G.
Kargl) wrote:
In fact, len_trim() at least works as advertised.

I should have been more precise in my original post:

I use "index" and "len_trim" in some ARRAY initialization expressions
gfortran complains that their use here is an extension to the
Fortran-95 standard. None of my other compilers complain (with f95
compliance ON). The standard seems to say any ELEMENTAL intrinsic
only integer and/or character types is allowed.

Its not a big deal because the code is compiled and executed correctly
by gfortran which just complains (I think we agree erroneously) with -


PS. Here's a simple test case to compile with and without -std=f95

module bug
character(*),dimension(3),parameter :: a=(/'a() ','b(,) ','c(,,)'/)
integer,dimension(3),parameter :: l=len_trim(a),i=index(a,'(')