Re: REAL -> string -> REAL

Gus Gassmann wrote:
Having all sorts of problems in C/C++ with the conversion in the
subject line, I thought to try my luck in the Fortran forum.

The situation is this: I have a (large number of) floating point
number(s), let's assume in double precision --- this might be subject
to change --- that I have to write to a file in ASCII format (an XML
file, if that makes a difference) and subsequently read back in (into
the same type of real that I used before; I'll make sure of this

Traditionally when you wanted to write out data and read in the
exact same data you used UNFORMATTED I/O.

For many years of Fortran there were many different floating point
representations that it didn't make sense to ask for same value
back again on a different system. Over the years, the default REAL
has varied from 36 bits, to 32, to 60, to 64, on different systems.
(Probably some others in there, too.)

Are there any tools available in Fortran that will allow me to do the
conversion from REAL (assume binary) to string (assume decimal) and
back to REAL _without_loss_of_precision_? (That is, I must be
guaranteed that the two versions of the real number have the same
internal representation. Side condition: I'd like to use the smallest
string representation that will give this guarantee.

You could do it in a loop, using internal I/O, write out the
value with different format widths in E format, and do binary
search to find the appropriate width. That may only guarantee it
using the same library, though. If I were doing this, I might
try for a base 16 system.

-- glen