Re: gfortran netCDF problem

jrsyangl <jrsy.angl@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I've looked into Cygwin and it is very intriguing. Thanks for pointing
me in that direction. I just hope the cygwin installation goes
smoothly so I don't have to ask for help on a cygwin forum.
since you mentioned gfortran, I initially thought that you are using
Linux or Cygwin, because these are somehow the "natural environments"
for this compiler. (Of course, it runs also fine in other systems!)
During the installation of cygwin make sure, that you also select
"make", which is not selected by default.
In order to choose gfortran as compiler for the netCDF creation, the
simplest possibility might be to enter
export F90=gfortran
in the bash shell before calling ./configure

Good luck