Re: j3 mailing list

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008 19:14:24 -0500, Gary Scott wrote:

James Giles wrote:

I can't post to the j3 mailing list, but there are a couple of articles
I'd like to respond to there. I hesitate to just post them here
(though their context is clear, some members may regard it as unfair to
publicize their internal machinations). I have no need to post there
the vast majority of the time. So I don't want to rock the boat by
requesting the privilege.

I can't imagine anyone seriously questioning the value that you would
provide to the process by having such access.

Nice to know the rest of us aren't invited. I'm all for providing cloud
cover for decision-makers; I'm less about a priveleged few making
decisions for many without scrutiny.

It is not an accident that Cheney's energy policy is something the US
will see post 08. Sometimes I think the secrecy actually creates the
stupidity, but then there's texas.

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