Re: Project dependency of CVF 6.6c

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On Aug 18, 10:24 am, Mike <Sulfate...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'd like to ask about Project dependency of CVF 6.6c (Project->Insert project into >workspace). I try to find it in help of CVF, but

I don't find it. Is that for the purpose that I can create a newer
project benefited by the inserted old project? How to do it?
Thank you in advance.


I just find one can set active project, then just build and execute
it. Does this mean several projects in one workspace are
independent? Then why there are "Project dependency" to be specified?


One example of many useful.

Project A is a library used in project B. If B is the active project and dependent on A, updating a source file in A and building (or debugging or running) B will force compiling and building of a new version of the library before it is used in A.