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Ron Ford <ron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 17:41:42 -0500, Steven G. Kargl posted:

Linux is not Unix.

I use linux and unix interchangeable as unWindows OS's. I realize this
lacks nuance,

Apparently "lacking nuance" means being just plain wrong. If you want to
use a general term for the category in question, "Unix" is at least a
reasonably accurate term, plus or minux some nuances. "Linux" is not;
that's just plain wrong.

My sysadmin buddy tells me that linux is one of the unices. To see him hop
around on my solaris and ubuntu partitions is to see a virtuoso.

I think what I see in both places is that everything is in a folder.
There's lapack/testing/eig on all these systems, after you "untar" them,
untarring being the kiss of death for a windows install.

I might add that neither of them is even close to being a correct
catagorization of the general class "unWIndows OS". There are unWIndows
OSes that have no simillarity to Unix.

.... besides being different than the world's most popular OS. Does fortran
offer insight on the varieties of OS's?
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