Re: Compilation order (USE assocs)

Antoon wrote:
On 23 sep, 09:43, Jugoslav Dujic <jdu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
compilation order. However, I did experience the same problem, i.e.
that it sometimes does not. One of:

Yeah, yesterday VS2005 used the wrong order, and now I build again and
the compilation order is correct. It looks like an erratic behaviour
of VS2005.

The bad news is that we do have ENU Service Pack 1 already
installed ;-)


Did you reboot overnight?

I've (very occasionally) managed to confuse VS2005 in such a way that the messages it gives me make no sense even though it appears to be running fine. It's always been associated with me repeatedly running unkindly large models in the debugger, over and over again, and breaking out without letting them finish. These days if the error messages make no sense at all I reboot (last week it decided to tell me my library contained no debug information when it had been fine ten minutes earlier). I think it's happened three times in the past year. There's a bug in there somewhere, but it's a very, very intermittent one.

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