Re: Problems calling Fortran DLL from VBA

rcl2884 wrote:

I did run Dependency Walker, but I don't really understand the message

Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing
export function in a delay-load dependent module.

There are four DLL's that are highlighted to the left in the
WalkerDependency window (ADVAPI32, SHLWAPI, USER32, MPR).

Do you have any suggestions? ... and pardon my ignorance, but this all
seems somewhat mysterious to me.

That's just a warning, I think. ADVAPI32, SHLWAPI, and USER32 are all Windows system libraries, I think you can safely ignore them.

Here's how this should work:
Your DLL will be at the top of the tree in the top left window.
Its dependencies will be arrayed underneath it. Any that are missing should be highlighted in red.

If you click on your file, there will be two lists at the right. The top right list is the list of functions exported by the DLL that are imported by its parent (this list will be empty for your DLL, which is at the top of the list). The middle right list is the complete list of functions exported by your DLL. You can verify that your routine has been appropriately exported there.