Re: Strange FORTRAN IV to F77 conversion occurrence

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George wrote:
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George wrote:
On Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:09:48 -0700 (PDT), Terence wrote:

I was re-writing/converting some old statistics routines, which after
getting one to work again (sort of), I decided to change all the
Hollerith text to apostrophied text ( "for the future")
On compiling and running with my test data I found that the screen
showed all the expected "stuff" but the output disk file written the
same way(for optional printing), at the same time, stopped writting to
disk, with no error signalled at this point in the program, although
the screen continued happily.
All previous lines were written to disk but none after the one before
this one below:-

This was the code where the problem was determined to becaused by the
mix of the apostrophy delimited text with the remaining Holerith

WRITE(0,8001) SIG
WRITE(6,8001) SIG

The problem disappeared on replacing the last line with

It seems something set a switch to make the output file a nul file
Adding this to my 'gotcha' list!
I wouldn't miss this list if you published it.
Do you expect to someday make the same mistake with the same obsolete
compiler ?

For whatever I've had to do with older versions of fortrans, I've found as
many gotchas as I've had time for. Since Terence can actually get results
with these tools, I would figure that his list of "thou shalt not's" would
be very much worth the having.

I'm waiting for the OP to hit some sort of 64k segment limit, DGROUP overflow,
or similar with that rusty old compiler he is using ...

But imagine the stuff you'll be talking about when you're 72.

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