Re: building slatec with g95

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I've never successfully built a useful library and hope to end this streak
by building slatec with g95.

You are trying to compile G95 with these directions, not slatec USING g95.

0. get copiles of tar.exe and gunzip.exe and put them in a directory on your path
1. place slatec_src.tgz in a temp directory (your browser may have changed the extension)
2. unpack the archive with

gunzip < slatec_src.tgz | tar xvf -

3. cd src
4 edit i1mach.f, r1mach.f and d1mach.f
uncomment the data lines listed under IBM-PC

5. compile the source files (%% if used in a .bat file)

for %f in (*.f) do g95 -c -g %f

6. create the library

ar qc libslatec.a *.o

7. copy the library to the \lib subdirectory where g95 was installed
on my system it is c:\g95\lib

8. compile source files (for example x.f)

g95 x.f -lslatec -o x.exe

note that the option is -lslatec, not -llibslatec.a

9. run the .exe


- elliot

BTW, I'm posting via my ISP. Google changed their interface again. They no longer list active threads older than the current newest threads.