Re: problem linking a program with GFortran

Hi Norm,

On Nov 14, 5:13 am, AbNorm <norm.op...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
4.4.0/../../../../lib64/ file not recognized: File format
not recognized
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I think you are using the binaries I have build. This is a problem,
which seems to pop up from time* but so far, we (or at least I) have
not understood what happens there
(* e.g.

It might be that the system where I build GCC/gfortran is too new to
run on old(er) systems, but nonetheless I don't understand the error
message. If someone has an idea ...

* * *

One solution is to build GCC yourself, see at the very bottom of, another solution would be to
upgrade to a newer openSUSE. You could also try whether the builds at work for
you, I think "SLE-10_SDK" might be similar enough to openSUSE 10.1 to

Regarding updating to a newer Linux: It might be a good idea to update
in any case as there are no security updates available for 10.1 since
August, see:
Currently, openSUSE 11.0 is the newest version, but 11.1 is around the
corner (currently beta5, supposedly release-candidate 1 will come out
next week, the 11.1 release is planed for December).

Sorry that I cannot offer a real solution :-(