Re: Does deallocate also nullify a pointer ?

On Dec 9, 11:56 am, nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Richard Maine) wrote:
reubendb <reube...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Dec 2, 8:12 pm, nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Richard Maine) wrote:
reubendb <reube...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is it part of the standard that passing an allocated pointer to
"deallocate()" alsonullifythe pointer ?

Yes. <snip>
For example, here is my test program and the module:
[code elided]
It seems that this is only a problem when an allocatable array
(NodeList) is a member of the derived type (BasicMeshStructureType),
otherwise it behaves as I expected.

So I am just want to make sure it's not a problem with my program
before I claim that this is a compiler bug.

Looks like a compiler bug to me. (I might note that at least the copy of
g95 I have installed here gets it right).

Thanks. I tested this with gfortran-4.3 and g95 and they seem to get
the right answer too. The compiler I was talking about is PGI, so I
guess I'll try file bug report with them.


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