Re: Capitalization style

On Dec 27, 10:32 am, Dick Hendrickson <dick.hendrick...@xxxxxxx>

I'll second those comments! But, I think there is one real
advantage to using uppercase for Fortran keywords. Many
new functions have natural names that refer to the thing
they evaluate. For example, the shape intrinsic computes an
array shape and that shape can be used as an argument to
the reshape function. (And people often use names like
"shape" to receive the results of the shape function.)
It's a bugger to keep them straight, especially if you are
presenting them to students.

To me
shape = SHAPE(array)

are easier to read than the all caps or all lower versions.

Dick Hendrickson


I agree with Dick about the visual aspect. However, as with many
others, I'm not that good a typist, so I expect some enterprising
person will contribute a script that will uppercase the KEYWORDS for
those of us who wish to do that :) ... cheers