Re: how to declare doubles in f95

Richard Maine <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Note the comments on that page about how the versions with 64-bit
default integers "may break older programs." Apparently someone thought
this matter worth mentioning on a web site that does not appear to be
aimed exclusively at "a few 'star wars' sites". That is *EXACTLY* the
point I was making - that one should not code so as to assume that
default reals (and integers) are no more than 32 bits. It today's
environments, it is probably safe to assume that they are no less, but
it is not safe to assume that they are no more.

But there are no SELECTED_???_KIND functions for a "no more than"
x digits for a type. Maybe additional arguments for maximum
digits, and we get -1 if it doesn't support that type.

There is C_INT32_T for integer, but no C_REAL32_T.

-- glen