Re: Read write error in SUNOS

On Feb 5, 7:44 am, makyo <dennis.lie...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Feb 5, 8:54 am, aeroguy <> wrote:> I am getting teh following error when i am running the program.
Compilation is worlking okay but it crushes during run time . As i
traced the program the errors occurs at a write(*,*) statement with
teh follwoing error message at the console sonu_load: fatal: relocation error: file /u/user47/sonull/
sun4_SunOS_5.8/lib/ symbol __f90_sslw: referenced
[789] | 0| 0|FUNC |GLOB |0 |UNDEF |__f90_sslw



f77 (the files) -I (include files) -KPIC -c -o

It looks like you're compiling with f77, yet using f90/95 libraries.
I haven't tried that -- has it worked for you in the past? ... cheers,

The f77 command is just an alias to the f90/f95 driver
with some implicitly added options. It should work fine.

Bob Corbett