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Do you mean that you're trying to avoid the second statement in the

a = 0d0

Mike, correct. Is that too lazy of a question? =)
Having 20 allocations followed by 20 assignments looks ugly, heh.

Well, there is the SOURCE= option in the ALLOCATE statement in f2003.
I'm not sure how many compilers implement that feature yet. I don't
think of this as the kind of reason that feature was added, but it looks
like it ought to work.

I personally think that specifying source=0.0 is less intuitively
obvious than the separate statement, but that's just my own taste. (The
source= option is needed for other cases that could not be done with a
separate assignment statement, notably polymorphic allocation to the
same dynamic type and type parameters as source).

It also would make your code dependent on having a compiler with that
particular f2003 feature.

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