Re: Integer return values in interfaces

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Geico Caveman <spammers-go-here@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tried this with Intel Fortran Professional (ifort). Now, I get an error
stating that a kind type parameter must be a compile-type constant.

The problem is that the interface block cannot see the mptr
parameter through host association. You need to write a separate
module that defines the parameter and USE that module within the
interface block. Or, just move the parameter definition into the
interface block (e.g. if this is the only place it is used).

BTW, selected_int_kind(9) is probably not the same precision as the
constant kind value 8 (the latter of which is compiler dependent, of
course). Is that a typo, or are you trying to extend the precision
to 64-bit integers or something?

$.02 -Ron Shepard