Re: f03 v f08 fantasy football

David Muxworthy <d.muxworthy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The prime reason for having a standard is, as the document itself
says, 'to promote portability, reliability, maintainability, and
efficient execution of Fortran programs for use on a variety of
computing systems', including different compilers on a single
installation. Now we have the situation that vendors are giving
low priority to some features in f03 while already implementing
some features from f08, so that for some years potentially every
vendor will have its own subset of f08. What value is that for
people wanting to write portable programs? Delaying f08 would
make time for more uniform implementations across vendors.

It would seem not much help to those wanting portable programs
using all the features, but maybe for specific features.

There has been discussion before about standardizing extensions
to the standard. Standardizing might be the wrong word, but
the idea that different vendors generating extensions with the
same purpose should do it the same way. I would think, though,
that a draft standard might be good enough for that.

-- glen