Re: Laplace solver gives segmentation fault if input parameter is ?larger than 512. Compiled with ifort 11.1.056 on Linux.

On Oct 28, 4:54 am, steve <kar...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Oct 27, 4:56 pm, kiwanuka <robert.kiwan...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tested some of my existing f90 files with the .f extension, with
gfortan. First, complaints relating to the first few columns, then to
the "&" line continuation, then about modules that cannot be found -
even if they have also been dealt with in the same manner. Is it just
my compilers? Are there certain compiler options that make it
immaterial what extension one uses? Those would save me plenty of
effort as I would be most pleased to write all my f90 codes with .f
extensions to convince ifort to take them as is.

Do you read the documentation tht comes with your compilers?  Do you

Good question. No I hadn't! Now I have.

even scan the documentation?  gfortran's documentation tells you
exactly how it interprets the .f and .f90 extensions as well as
many others.  It also describes many options that can be used to
force gfortran to assume fixed-form or free-form code.

Indeed! This is what I wanted to know. And now I've found plenty of
other useful stuff in the man pages both for gfortran and ifort!
So the defaults are indeed what I thought they were, but now I know
how to override them!