Re: Laplace solver gives segmentation fault if input parameter is ?larger than 512. Compiled with ifort 11.1.056 on Linux.

"glen herrmannsfeldt" <gah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:hc7fpe$pb6$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

| For all compilers I know of, the .f or .f90 extension selects
| fixed form or free form input.

Neither ELF90 nor F does.

| Either form is valid even for F2003 code, and most likely
| still for F2008.
| Most likely the code will fail as comments with C or * in column 1
| won't work in free form. Other than comments, fixed form code
| without continuations will likely also be valid free form code.

Well, it's possible but doesn't follow, as fixed form source
doesn't have the same syntax rules as F90+.

Really, the only way to treat F77 code as if it were free form
is to convert it. There are programs to do that.