Re: Overloading OPERATOR(+): my usage causing memory leaks.

steve wrote:


Some of these memory leaks with gfortran are well-known. Paul Thomas
had developed a -fcheck=memleak (or some such named option) to help
track down leaks in not only user code but also gfortran. Sadly, that
was lightly tested and withered in the mailing list. There are plans
revamp the internal representation in array descriptors. It is hoped
some (if not all) of these leaks will be caught at that time.

Hi again Steve,

No worries. I'm treating this as more of a "don't try to fool the compiler" type of lesson
(which I should have learned long ago but there ya go :o). Granted the leaks shouldn't
occur if I write my own assignment function, but letting the compiler do what it should be
doing anyway was a quick workaround. And I learned something new and important - so there
are no complaints on my end.

Would it be useful if I tacked my (not so small) test case on to the relevant bugzilla
report (I assume there is one)?




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