Re: Can One Dim Local Arrays Using Argument List Integers ??

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The answer is probably NO!

This may seem like a minor nit, but no poster has yet directly
answered the O.P.'s question. Thus:

[example of using the dim intrinsic on a local array using an argument
list integer]

Lest this confuse the OP, let me note that the slightly obscure DIM
intrinsic has nothing to do with dynamic dimensioning of arrays, which
is what I thought it fairly clear the question was about. James is
taking the subject line's mention of DIM as being literal rather than as
an abbreviation for dimension.

I'm not quite sure whether this was intended as a humorous comment on
the possible ambiguity of the subject line out of context or whether he
skimmed quickly enough that he actually thought this was the question.
(I'll mention the possibility that it actually was the question just
long enough to dismiss it as seeming implausible to me, given the body
of the OP's post.)

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