Intel Fortran etc.

<<<Sometimes. Do note that using nonstandard syntax is a way to
increase the frustration part. Some of us learned that lesson a long
time ago. (See the quote in my signature). Yes, I realize it wasn't
who wrote the nonstandard syntax; you just get to pay some of the
in frustration.

I did spend a little time looking at this code, but decided it was
much fuss to look further, at least for tonight. I first took out a
large number of line wraps (mostly from comments) introduced either
your usenet posting software or my usenet reader (I'm not actually
which). Easy, if a bit boring because of the large number. I noticed
reference to a missing include file, but figured I might be able to
ignore that (though there is at least a possibility that the error is
the include file or related to it). >>>>


First, huge note of thanks to the responder who found the downloadable
DEC documentation. I just got up this AM and have not had a chance tom
download it yet, but thanks for looking, and checking that out for

First I do not have any posting software over and above what this list
provides for posting a new message. I am saddened to learn that there
were word wrap issues when the source code posted. I also do not have
any brand of USENET software.

In my related post elsewhere, I asked for the procedure to put my
Intel Visual Fortran into the VAX VMs mode, and I had no t\akers to
tell me how to do that. I have posted that request at the Intel forum,
over 35 people have read it, nobody has responded.So I think I have a
reason to be frustrated. My 18 year old Microsoft Fortran has VMS
extension mode, and it is not a branch of rocket science to implement

Thank you for the huge effort that you nfolks took by looking over the
source code that I posted. I'm sorry that it turned out being an added
pain in the neck due to the word wrap thing.

The Mkeys.for deletion problem would not have come home to roost until
those two errors are cleared up. the compiler is funny that way. You
think you have ths source all cleared up and. OH BTW, here are some
OTHER things wrong with your code.

What will help a great deal is, a document to translate the difference
in extensions or dialects between VAX VMS Fortran and Fortran 77. I
prefer sticking with Fortran 77 because I have compilers that can
handle it, and it would be a huge project to convert these FCC
programs to Fortran 2003. It would also be profoundly unneccessary.
All I ultimately need is an exe file that will run on my computer. The
end product does not have to be fashionable